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How to do the anti-counterfeiting mark on the paint bucket packaging bucket?

In recent years, the home improvement market has continued to develop, the market for household coatings has also continued to grow, and the demand for coatings has also steadily increased. The current popular paint packaging in the market is mainly 18 liters and 20 liters, and the material is mainly PP. There are more and more types of coatings, and the various names are full of tricks. However, there is not much difference in essence. In fact, the coatings of different uses and types should be distinguished on the packaging barrels so that consumers can see at a glance.

However, the Chinese coatings market is a mixed bag, with various brands innovating, and poor-quality coatings have caused great harm to consumers. So how can consumers be able to distinguish the authenticity of paint?

A common anti-counterfeiting method is to add a two-dimensional code to the packaging barrel, but this method is easy to be imitated and cannot play a role in verifying the authenticity of the product. The best way is to print a laser anti-counterfeiting code on the packaging barrel. The coding of each barrel is unique, so that speculators cannot imitate it. At present, Hunan Jieming Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is the first to use this advanced printing technology in the plastic packaging barrel industry. This is a production enterprise with 20 years of experience in the industry. The product line includes 1-30L various plastic packaging barrels.